Property Transfers: 11-25-22


Nov. 14

1540 Winterwood Court, Bowling Green, residential, from American Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Greg Gehres, $65,000.

308 Rudolph Road, North Baltimore, residential, from Bradley and Kellie Frazee, to Miranda and Carl Gibson, $230,000.

3782 Lakepointe Drive, Lake Township, residential, from Richard and Wanda Davis, to Loretta Gray, Herbert and Jessica Moore, $50,000.

26925 West Woodland Court, Lake Township, residential, from Kevin Hughes, to Mark and Julie Hummel, $219,000.

0 Avenue Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Matthew Kohlhofer, to Jeffrey and Michaella Schaller, trustee, $6,500.

7243 Starlawn Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from James Nue Jr. and Mary Nue, to Stephanie and Corey Bond, $171,000.

25896 Willowbend Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Tricia Bordeau, trustee, to Kirstina Barath, $397,200.

26030 Seminary Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Brian and Perciliana Munford, to Justus Lambros, $490,000.

368 Birchdale Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Jacob and Annie Land, to Michael Stretavski, $241,050.

Nov. 15

1001 Tomahawk Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from SAS Group, to Robert and Anne Bailey, $282,000.

412 Maple St., Pemberville, residential, from Steven and Janice Porth, to Aleksandar and Audrey Vujic, $152,000.

14294 and 0 Mermill Road, Liberty Township, residential, from Donald Amos, to P & J Family Limited Partnership, $160,000.

109 W. South St., Wayne, residential, from Peter and Jeanette Heinze, trustees, to Donald and Deborah McEwen, $120,000.

550 Canterbury Blvd., Perrysburg, residential, from Saba Home Builders LLC, to Nate McIntosh and Gauri Bhatnagar, $629,850.

14 Callander Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Lucille Regueyra, to Marlene Schrage and Michele Bronder, trustees, $271,000.

Nov. 16

953 Lafayette Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from Jeffrey and Carrie Crawford, to Katelyn and Alexander Climer, $387,000.

310 Martindale Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Alexander Carney, to David Villarreal, $204,000.

704 Main St., Walbridge, residential, from KBR1 LLC, to Richard and Courtney Avalos, $70,000.

137 Bell St., Bradner, residential, from Cara Black, to Kristina O’Connell, $6,000.

30050 Waterford Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Zain Sheikh, to Sukhjit and Susan Purewal, trustees, $640,000.

641 Holbrook Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Aleksandar and Aleksandra Marijan, to Samuel and Cariss Hunter, $340,000.

26 Boston Bay Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Priscilla Arthur et al, to Phillip Carter et al, $126,300.

188 Oak St., Rossford, residential, from Fred and Pamela Fisher, to Melody and Alexandros Tsapranis, $105,000.

Nov. 17

120 Biddle St., Bowling Green, residential, from Jeffrey and Linda Ruddock, trustees, to Brady Stykemain, $215,000.

0 Manitoba Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from BG Capital Holdings LLC and McKenzie Leasing and Property Management LLC, to Donald Marshall, $60,000.

25602 Lemoyne Road, Lake Township, residential, from Ashley and Lori Bowers, to Eric Driftmyer and Mary Vitte, $240,000.

1956 Beachcraft Drive, Northwood, residential, from Judith and Jeffrey Dearmond, to Theresa Blausey, $190,000.

9653 Millcroft Road, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Henia Pomianek, to Nicholas Carr, $217,000.

517 E. Sixth St., Perrysburg, residential, from Emily and Evan Sandwisch, to Daniel and Teresa McCartney, $252,500.

1066 Birch Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from NED LLC, to Erin Daly, $243,500.

1023 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, to John and Jennifer Prokup, $559,900.

307 Valley Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Brian and Victoria Dugger, to Mohammed Abouheaf and Marwa Ghanem, $359,000.

518 N. Third St., North Baltimore, residential, from Endgame Ventures LLC, to Nelson Cano and Perez Mariceli, $30,800.

0 Woodville Road, Lake Township, residential, from Donna Martin, trustee, to Hillabrand Holdings LLC, $248,600.

25366 Addington Court, Middleton Township, residential, from James and Sandra Kiyak, to Ryan and Trisha Goga, $472,325.

0 Sugar Maple Drive, Middleton Township, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio, Inc., trustee, to Nancy Elvers, trustee, $86,900.

172 Chesapeake Lane, Northwood, residential, from Larry and Diana Herman, to Ranger Rehab LLC, $110,150.

402 and 0 E. Front St., Perrysburg, residential, from Steven and Virginia Keller, to John Sachs and Alie Hartkopf, $535,000.

13070 Five Point Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Dr Custom Homes LLC, to Lanny Taylor and Jason Picking, $581,275.

144 Bentley Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group LLC, to Emily Drain and Talana Smith, $454,900.

17737 Brim Road, Plain Township, residential, from Lindsay Wagner, to Mark May and Shelby Hale, $200,000.

8572 Huffman Road, Portage Township, residential, from Michael and Steven Rose and Donald Rose Jr., to Matthew and Reanna Blunk, $209,000.

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