Terra State enrollment is on the rise


FREMONT — Terra State Community College’s enrollment and FTE (full time equivalent) numbers are on the rise. The college is trending at a 6.8% headcount and 1.8% FTE compared to 2021 reports.

“I am so proud of the achievements made by our enrollment services division and everyone on campus who has a part in the recruitment of our students to campus. Having over an 8% increase in enrollment is quite an achievement coming off of two years of COVID-19, where we lost over 18% in enrollment,” said President Ronald Schumacher. “We will build on this momentum to achieve our goal of having 2,500 students by 2025.”

The college’s enrollment and FTE numbers will continue to fluctuate as a late start session for the fall semester began on Oct. 19.

Looking ahead to the spring semester, the college will be hosting a variety of All-In-One Days to get students prepared and registered for classes. During these days, students can apply, take placement assessments, receive their student ID, meet with their academic adviser and speak with financial aid and register for classes.

The All-In-One Days schedule are Nov. 9 and 15, Dec. 6 and 19 and Jan. 10 and 11.

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