BG elementaries name Bobcat Proud honorees


All three Bowling Green City Schools elementaries have released the names of students who have been awarded Bobcat Proud status for the month of October.

Students are chosen by their teacher because they have displayed Bobcat Proud behavior during that time. Being Bobcat proud means the students are being respectful, responsible and safe in all areas at school, in the community and at home.

Honorees at Crim Elementary include Tristan Howard, Ellie Pfouts, Jamyson Stough, Zach Lawrence, Aubree Bennett, Bryson Borner, Surya Vela, Adalynn Book, Emily Arnett, Jinan Ahmed, Bryson Hopkins, Mera Richmond, Yocelyn Sanchez-Perez, Silas Kieffer-Airhart, Cody Swayne, Colton Spencer, Capri Didion, Jayda DeMond, Jaynie Emery, Tieganne Hopkins, Riley Hoffman, Zane Bostelman, Jonah Alva and Gianna Esposito.

Students honored at Kenwood Elementary include Allisyn Snow, Henry Trumbull, Mason Bare, Harvey Higgins, Henry Joshi, MJ Winnick, Madalynn Habicht, Dawson Sprow, Hudson Zimmerman, Autumn Jenny, Madi Snow, Layla Hutchinson, Sam Tracy, Owen Snyder, Emerson Belleville, Nadia Chung and Calvin Nadler.

Conneaut Elementary recognized Addison Cope, Leah Warden, Layla McFann, Janelle Parker, Kai James, Layla Wood, Makayla Matheson, Rylin Bomeli, Drew Sauber, Caitlyn Bartholomew, Eleanor Womack, Brielle Moore, Brantley Newby, Connor Lindquist, Brantley Yoder, Scarlet Sears, Gracelyn Boswell, Jayce Garman, Lauren Carney, Leeyondre Elvoid, Ruby Fredericks, Lyndsay Ashman and Rano Rakhimova.

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