Property Transfers: 11-11-22


Oct. 31

827 Legacy Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from Middleton Trace LLC, to Suzanne Swoap and Russell Youngpeter, $48,000.

432 Linden Drive, Pemberville, residential, from Gary and Susan Leking, to Zachary Henline, $18,000.

434 Linden Drive, Pemberville, residential, from Zachary Henline, to Gary and Susan Leking, $400,000.

100, 1004 and 0 George St. and 0 Mason St., North Baltimore, residential, from Willard and Jodi Gore, to Tyler Reed and Rachel Gore, $235,000.

29468 and 0 Harriet St., Lake Township, residential, from Timothy and Cynthia Schwamberger, to Andrew Bowland, $200,000.

15847 Corner Brook Court, Middleton Township, residential, from Prestancia Building Company, to Colleen Shackleton, $344,000.

20500 W. River Road, Washington Township, residential, from Larry Nelson, trustee, to Megan Beebe, $240,400.

18500 Scott Road, Washington Township, residential, from Jason and Haley Wilkins, to Matthew and Jenna Fitzpatrick, $580,000.

Nov. 1

1111 Main St., Bowling Green, residential, from RCG Bowling Green LLC, to Bowling Green Equities LLC, $8,600,000.

601 Lorraine Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Howard and Pattiann Minnick, trustees, to Altric Holdings LLC, $85,000.

13926 Defiance Pike, Liberty Township, residential, from Alicia Villegas, to Wesley Brown, $150,000.

25245 John F. McCarthy Way, Middleton Township, residential, from Louisville Title Agency for Northwest Ohio, trustee, to Gonzalo Carrizo, $559,875.

1035 Stoneleigh Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group, to Aisha Chaudhry and Syed Ali, $519,900.

716 Prairie Rose Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from James and Susan Schuster, to Daniel and Salli Earl, $315,400.

124 N. Findlay Pike, Portage, residential, from James and Kimberly Cheatwood, to Deacon Properties, $40,000.

224 and 0 Osborn St., Rossford, residential, from Habitat for Humanity of Wood County, to Sabrina Bais, $157,000.

322 Hillview Drive, Rossford, residential, from Greater Metropolitan Title, trustee, to Shannon Torres, $178,000.

0 Oak St., Luckey, commercial, from Luckey Farmers, to Redfox Group, $26,800.

Nov. 2

8987 Superior St., Custar, residential, from Renee Hartman, to Lucas Hartman, $55,000.

2719 and 0 Branderberry Road, Perry Township, residential, from Bill Bowling, to American Title Agency, trustee, $600,000.

7155 East Lake Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Kevin Morales and Genevieve Lacrosse, to Kyle and Jennie Hoffmann, $270,000.

1518 Logan Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffrey and Linda Ruddock, trustees, to Brian and Deidre Anderson, $339,000.

Nov. 3

509 Hillcrest Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Joseph and Alexa Starkey, to Beth Veller, $238,000.

6740 Wesley Drive, Lake Township, residential, from Mathew Steinbrecher, to Spencer and Kenadi Osborne, $254,900.

14892 Stonebridge Lane, Middleton Township, residential, from Christopher Kline and Michelle York, to Shannon Wronkowicz, $452,000.

22160 Defiance Pike, Milton Township, residential, from Kasey and Jessica Wilson, to Briana Barnhisel and Garrett Carles, $220,000.

2423 Jamestown Drive, Northwood, residential, from Weacquire LLC, to Tyler Malburg, $180,000.

26803 Basswood Drive, Perrysburg Township, residential, from Kshitish and Maitreyee Chitnis, to Aaron and Amanda Kellogg, $390,000.

0 Holcomb Road, Portage, residential, from Jaycee and Nichole Brown, to Ryan Meek and Dana Otto, $57,000.

Nov. 4

1719 Wexford Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Louis and Tara Twigg, to James Taylor Jr., $305,000.

1019 Sand Ridge Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Judith Tonjes and Herbert Wallace, to Ronald and Becky Simon, $290,000.

1531 Treetop Place, Bowling Green, residential, from Mimi Yoon, to American Title Agency, trustee, $315,000.

6597 Wesley Drive, Lake Township, residential, from Samantha Roberts, to Dennis Rankin and Patricia Babcock, $291,000.

19800 and 0 Cross Creek Road, Washington Township, residential, from John Patterson, to Collen Smith, $101,000.

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