Pastor prays for end of rampant violence


To the Editor:

Just saw a news clip about some killings in Toledo, though violence seems to be spreading in all communities.

I used to say “shootings” because “killing” sounded too cruel, but not any more. In fact, killings have become normal in Toledo and in many communities. While talking with a chaplain friend that works at a Toledo hospital, I was told that nightly shootings are the norm nowadays.

We have politicians who act and talk like this is permissible, some even encourage it. I don’t need to name particular political leaders, people, or a particular party, you know who I mean.

It is shocking that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked. Unfortunately we have people making up lies about the incident, as if he asked for the beating.

As a pastor, I pray that this great country, which I served in the military to protect, can awaken from this nightmare. Please people, get out and vote and vote those who spread lies, innuendos and half-truths out of office.

Donald B. Clark


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