McGervey has common sense goals for Ohio education


To the Editor:

Sarah McGervey is running for state board of education representing District 2 (Wood, Lucas, Erie, Huron, Lorain and Ottawa counties) and she has my vote.

McGervey will fight for a curriculum that focuses on the basics. A recent analysis by Ohio State University of state tests indicates that Ohio is one to one and a half years behind in math, to name just one deficiency. If you want curriculum focused on math, reading, science, history, languages and the arts, vote for McGervey.

McGervey is committed to securing parental rights in the schools. As a teacher, she believes that partnering with parents helps students achieve their goals. McGervey does not support policies that prevent teachers from sharing vital information with parents regarding their children.

McGervey supports local control of education. If you want a board member who will clarify what is and what is not required of school districts by the state and what strings are attached to state funding, vote for McGervey.

McGervey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Cleveland State University and a Master of Arts degree from Boston College, as well as experience teaching at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.

She is a teacher, not a politician, with common sense goals and a desire to serve you on the state board of education. Please join me in voting for McGervey.

Maria Ermie


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