A fifth man involved in a downtown riot last year has been sentenced.

Isiah Harrison, 22, Bowling Green, appeared Monday in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Molly Mack.

Defense attorney Esteban Callejas said Harrison had an emotional reaction after being called a derogatory name that led to the riot.

“It’s troubling,” Callejas said. “It’s hurtful.”

He said as he watched the tape of what occurred, he realized what his client did was wrong and inappropriate.

“Unfortunately, it was also criminal,” Callejas said.

He said as a person of color, he found the words offensive, and he asked himself what he would have done if someone had said those things to him when he was 20. The answer was he probably would have started a fight.

Harrison pleaded guilty in August to aggravated riot, a fourth-degree felony, and two amended charges of assault, both first-degree misdemeanors.

“My client has accepted responsibility,” Callejas said. “This was his fault, not anyone else’s.”

Harrison and five other men assaulted a man on the sidewalk in the 100 block of North Main Street at around 1:20 a.m. on July 11, 2021. According to court documents, they punched him and knocked him to the ground. Once on the ground, they continued to punch, kick and stomp the man to the point of unconsciousness.

A group of four good Samaritans attempted to get the group of assailants off the man, and they were then assaulted, according to the indictment. As a result, a man sustained serious injuries after being slammed on his head on the sidewalk before being punched and kicked multiple times. This man suffered cracked and broken teeth, a jaw injury, bruised ribs and several gashes to his face and body, according to court documents.

The group also reportedly chased and assaulted another man, punching him, slamming him to the ground and kicking him while he was on the ground.

Callejas said his client, who has no juvenile or criminal record, ended up with a broken arm and realizes that acting up in a violent manner will never be the answer.

Harrison has finished college and has good things going for him, Callejas said.

“He is one of those people you just can’t help but like,” he said.

Harrison is going to live with a felony record because of his acts, Callejas said, and asked for a sentence of community control.

Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Lara Rump also recommended community control with the stipulation that Harrison have no contact with the victims.

“I do take full responsibility for this situation — not a situation I wanted to be in,” Harrison said.

He said he has grown up and has shifted his circle of friends and his mindset “to understand I’m greater than the situation.”

“This is a horrific act,” Mack said. “The injuries that were caused to the various individuals were significant.”

Luckily no one was killed, she said.

Mack sentenced Harrison to 30 days in jail, with credit for time served. Once released, he will be placed in adult probation’s youth offender program and must complete anger management counseling.

She also placed him on two years of community control, and he must complete 50 hours of community service.

Mack also imposed two 180-day sentences for each misdemeanor charge, with that time suspended.

Harrison must have no contact with his co-defendants.

Quentin Banks Jr., 20, Bowling Green, pleaded guilty to aggravated riot and two amended counts of aggravated assault, all fourth-degree felonies. He was sentenced to two years of community control and enrolled in the SEARCH program held at the NorthWest Community Corrections Center in Bowling Green. The program uses evidence-based treatment strategies to help individuals make healthier decisions.

Paul Somerville, 21, of Bowling Green and currently in the North Central Correctional Institution in Marion, pleaded guilty to aggravated riot and two amended counts of aggravated assault, all fourth-degree felonies. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison.

Dominic Haslinger, 20, Toledo, was sentenced to two years of community control after pleading guilty to the charge of aggravated riot and the amended charge of aggravated assault, both fourth-degree felonies.

Diego R. Shumate, 21, Sandusky, was sentenced to 45 days in jail and was placed on community control for two years after pleading guilty to aggravated riot and the amended charge of aggravated assault.

A nationwide warrant for Joshua D. Miller, 22, Bowling Green, the sixth co-defendant, was issued in August 2021. He was indicted for felonious assault and aggravated riot.