Be sad, mourn death — then go on


During the past month there have been three deaths which have touched our family.

A friend of mine, who was my age, passed away. A coworker of my son passed away unexpectedly. And a friend of my daughter’s also passed away unexpectedly. Each of these were tragic, especially to the family members.

But as family and friends mourn the loss of these people, the fact remains life must go on. Any time there is a death there is a void left behind. Tears are shed, sadness prevails, good times recalled, and memories are made.

Yet life does go on.

In spite of the negative reporting from the national media, we do live in a wonderful country. There are positives all around us, little things perhaps, but positives that make life good. With all the issues we hear about, even the invented issues, that certain people claim are important, there is much to be thankful for. The death of loved ones and friends is part of life.

What is really important is living a positive life and deal with the negatives as best we can. Live the life we have. Disregard all the negatives that are really of little or no importance. One man’s bad attitude shouldn’t adversely affect our positive attitude. If someone’s opinion is contrary to ours, let it be. Expressing an opinion is part of living. Disagreement is part of living. It is the positive that will prevail, will build a better society and better individuals. The negatives only damage and destroy. Even when something bad happens, such as the death of a loved one or friend, having a positive outlook is always better.

With all the negatives we hear about and witness, life will still go on. We can be sad and mourn a death, but regardless of our personal beliefs about what life after death may be, those who go before us are in a better place, without pain. When a friend or loved one passes away, feel sad, mourn and most likely cry, but think about how those we lost have found what we can only imagine. Life does go on.

This is probably the shortest column I’ve ever written but, life goes on.

Herb Dettmer is a retired Bowling Green resident, U.S. Army veteran and writes this column representing the viewpoint of “Joe Average” citizen. He is freelance writer and author of “Others,” a devotional book. Call or text “Joe” with comments at 419-494-4641.

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