A Bryan man was arrested for failure to comply and driving on a closed roadway after he crashed his truck into a fence.

On Saturday at approximately 3:39 a.m., a Bowling Green police officer observed a black GMC pickup truck traveling the wrong way down the 200 block of West Wooster Street. The truck was traveling westbound in the eastbound only lane.

West Wooster Street is marked as eastbound only traffic from the 200 block until Haskins Road.

The officer activated the patrol car’s overhead lights and the truck continued westbound bound before turning south onto Gorrell Avenue and accelerating until it reached Pearl Street.

The truck continued to accelerate westbound on Pearl Street before heading northbound onto Eberly Avenue. The truck failed to make a right turn back onto West Wooster and crashed into a fence and bushes in the 600 block.

A Hispanic male wearing a black hoodie, jeans and lime green shoes jumped out of the driver seat. A white male wearing a gray jacket then climbed through the truck from the front passenger seat and jumped out the driver`s side of the truck. Both men then walked towards the front of the truck.

Both men complied with the officer’s order to put their hands on the truck. Both began saying there was nothing in the truck and they could be searched.

The driver was identified as John Garza Jr., 23.

The passenger stated he had no idea why Garza didn`t stop. When read his Miranda rights, the passenger said he wouldn’t speak without his lawyer.

Garza agreed to answer questions. He first stated he didn’t stop because he didn`t see the officer and then stated he did see the officer but he couldn’t stop because his brakes weren`t working.

He said he had no knowledge of a bag of white powder found on the driver’s seat.

Garza did not show enough indicators during a sobriety test to be charged with OVI.

He was arrested for failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, failure to maintain reasonable control and wrong way/one way.

The passenger was dropped off at an East Wooster Street restaurant to wait for a ride to pick him up.

Garza was released from jail Monday after posting bond.