The Perrysburg Township Trustees have approved a $225,000 property purchase for a new access road.

LIME CITY — The Perrysburg Township Trustees have approved a $225,000 property purchase for a new access road.

The property is considered necessary for providing a connection to Thompson Road for construction of an access road serving the land between Thompson and Lime City roads, south of U.S. 20.

At Wednesday’s meeting, township Administrator Walt Celley said that Trustee Gary Britten has been piloting the project over a period of several years. It would closely parallel Route 20.

“It is designed to connect with the Mr. Storage site plan,” Celley said.

The parcel is located at 26846 Thompson Road.

Britten said there have been meetings with Wood County Engineer John Musteric, in coordination with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

“It’s pretty important to them. We would have rather had it a little farther south, away from (Route) 20, but it’s feasible with both those engineers, and we had a gentleman agree with our conditions, so hopefully we can get this done in the next couple of years,” Britten said.

The resolution was approved by trustees, 2-0, with Trustee Joe Schaller away with an excused absence.

“Mr. Schaller also seems to be steadfast behind this, even though he is unable to be here,” Trustee Bob Mack said.

In other business, three firms submitted qualifications for an evaluation and renovation feasibility study related to a possible new township building, including: The Collaborative, Duket Architects and Planners and Proudfoot and Associates.

“The next step, really, would be to decide how you want to proceed,” Celley said.

He suggested that the groups could come in to make presentations, if trustees considered them qualified for the job.

Britten said that he has been pleased with the work Proudfoot has previously done for the township.

“I was comfortable knowing that Mr. Schaller was OK with our real estate acquisition, but I think something this important should have all three trustees weigh in. I acknowledge receipt of their credentials, and all have good reputations in our marketplace, and I can be prepared to make a step forward at our next meeting,” Mack said.

Mack and Britten agreed to table the discussion, and possible voting, until the next meeting.