Bowling Green is celebrating Public Power Week this week, along with more than 2,000 other community-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities that collectively provide electricity to 49 million Americans.

“Public power puts the people of Bowling Green first, and Public Power Week gives us the chance to emphasize the advantages of locally grown, locally owned power to our citizens,” said Brian O’Connell, utilities director. “Our staff works extremely hard to provide a reliable, safe, and affordable electric service for every customer.”

Since the 1940s, Bowling Green has owned and operated the Electric Distribution and Transmission System in and around the city. As a public power community, decisions are governed by the local Board of Public Utilities and City Council. In the early 2000s the city sought to reduce exposure to electric market volatility and diversify its power supply portfolio. There was also interest in increasing the percentage of renewable energy resources in its power supply portfolio.

As a member of American Municipal Power, Bowling Green is one of 135 municipal members who have partnered together to expand our ability to provide a reliable, sustainable, and cost competitive electric system for the benefit of our customers. This membership has allowed Bowling Green to build renewable energy projects and provide the Efficiency Smart program and the EcoSmart Choice program.

“Since we operate right here in Bowling Green serving our friends and neighbors, we care a great deal about things like customer service, helping customers use energy wisely, and keeping the lights on,” O’Connell said. “We are grateful for the opportunity to provide a critical service to our community.”

Today, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities serves 12,880 residential customers and 1,866 commercial and industrial customers.