Register online for BG brush collection


The window to register for the October brush collection will be open until Oct. 10. Residents may go online to register their address for this month’s collection.

Follow the Brush Collection link located on the home page of the city’s website ( to complete the form.

Residents may also call 419-354-6227 to be added to the list of locations where crews will stop

Collection is scheduled to begin on Oct. 17. Those who do not call in or go online to register by Oct. 10 will not be included on the collection route.

This will be the final brush collection for the year. The next collection will be in April 2023.

Brush should not be placed curbside any sooner than one week prior to pick up.

Brush and limbs should not be more than 6” diameter and 6’ in length and placed loosely at the curb – not bundled. Brush mixed with leaves or other yard debris will not be collected. The city, at its discretion, will not collect entire tree(s) placed in the right of way because of work by a contractor.

For cul-de-sacs, do not place brush in the cul-de-sac green space as it may block fire hydrants, and/or it is unmanageable for city equipment to remove.

Pickup is by ward and not by normal refuse collection day.

Residents are encouraged to visit the city’s website for more information and details. Information about this program may be found on the Public Works Division web page or residents may call Public Works at 419-354-6227.

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