Rogers receives raise


The annual base pay of Bowling Green State University President Rodney Rogers was raised to $512,000 by the board of trustees at the Friday meeting.

The board of trustees also awarded Rogers a discretionary cash bonus of $100,000, acknowledging his management of the university.

For the fourth consecutive year, Rogers and his wife, Sandy Earle, will contribute the entire bonus to the BGSU Foundation, to support students and the university’s strategic initiatives.

The total of their donations is now $364,000, during Roger’s presidency.

In addition to the bonus and base pay increase, Rogers’ contract entitles him to 20% in deferred compensation. The trustees also awarded him an additional 10% in deferred compensation.

The $12,500 increase in Rogers’ base pay is equivalent to the 2.75% increase received by all BGSU administrative staff.

“I greatly appreciate the vote of confidence from the board,” Rogers said. “I’ve often said that one of the real strengths of Bowling Green State University is that we have a very active and engaged board that is focused on the university and the success of our students. Every time we have a board meeting, their questions are always about the student’s success, how do we continue to get better and how do we continue to elevate the quality of our programs and the success of our students.”

Among the contributions to management of the university cited by the board were: achievement of enrollment goals, completion of the comprehensive campaign, a focus on health and well-being for the BGSU community through the Community of Care program and launch of a new marketing campaign.

New academic programs and partnerships were also listed as achievements. They include the new Doctor of Physical Therapy, programs in manufacturing engineering and the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

The deferred compensation package is distributed on the appropriate completion of service, according to contractual obligations.

“As president, I am honored to continue to help my alma mater to achieve its mission to create public good, and I want to express my sincere thanks to Chair (Marilyn) Eisele and the board of trustees for their leadership and support,” Rogers said. “I have such talented faculty and staff colleagues who are committed to providing a 21st-century public education that empowers our students to be successful in college and beyond. Together, we will continue to move forward, working to ensure we demonstrate the value and relevancy of Bowling Green State University.”

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