Perrysburg runner-up, Schoenherr gets ace at NLL meet


OREGON — Perrysburg finished as Northern Lakes League runner-up behind champion Anthony Wayne in the league tournament at Eagles Landing Golf Course Monday.

AW shot 274 to Perrysburg’s 305, followed by Sylvania Northview (309), Napoleon (334), Bowling Green (347), Maumee (352), Springfield (354) and Sylvania Southview (355).

Perrysburg knew that to get past AW would be a challenge.

“I told them at the beginning of the year, it’s kind of strange to not be thinking of winning the league, but Anthony Wayne is on a different level,” Perrysburg coach Ryan DeLauter said.

“A 274, that is unheard of. I’ve seen a lot of them play over the years and it si awesome that they have become that good,” he said. “So, at the beginning of the year, I told (Perrysburg golfers) their goal was second place, and they got that and played well.”

“Second place is like winning for us. They are just that much better. A 305 over there is incredible, so I’m proud of them.”

Perrysburg has had an up-and-down season, so DeLauter had to provide some motivation.

“At the beginning of the year, we played really well, and we had some bumps here and there, so we kind of challenged them and they came out yesterday ready to go.”

Including dual meets, AW also won the league overall championship with 38 points, Perrysburg was runner-up with 31 points, followed by Northview (30), Napoleon (21), Springfield (14), Maumee (13), BG (12) and Southview (5).

BG golfer Brandon Schoenherr was first team All-NLL after shooting a 37-39—76 at the league meet. Schoenherr, a freshman, aced the 185-yard par 3, No. 3. It is his first hole-in-one.

“I just made a bogey on the previous hole so obviously I was a little frantic. I shot the hole (for distance) and it registered 178 yards,” Schoenherr said.

“I was picking up a couple different clubs, did not know what to hit because the wind kept swirling and changing. Eventually, I picked up a five-iron and just committed to the shot.”

Schoenherr did not think he hit his best shot, but he’ll take it.

“I thought I did hit it a little thin. I was a little mad at myself that I hit it thin and was putting my club away and didn’t get to see it roll in,” Schoenherr said.

“I discovered it in the hole. There were a lot of things going through my mind. I did not believe that I did that.”

BG coach Kurt Thomas says Schoenherr has a bright future.

“He has a great work ethic. He works hard all summer,” Thomas said. “He’s a member out at Stone Ridge and he’s out here about everyday practicing.

“He’s really come along this season. His course management of the game has really improved. He stays very level out there, doesn’t have any real bad holes. He just avoids mistakes.”

Schoenherr is joined on the first team by AW golfers Logan Sutto, who was league medalist after shooting 32-33—65.

Other first team selections are AW golfers Ted Robertson (39-35—74), Ian Briars (34-36—70), and Myles Murphy (36-36—72) and Northview golfer Ben Graeff (36-39—75). All-league selections also include results from league dual meets which contribute to points.

Perrysburg golfers Josh Weisenburger (40-38—78) and Jack Weisenburger (37-38—75) are second team.

Rounding out the second team are AW golfers Michael Distefano (37-33—70) and Charlie Robertson (35-34—69), Springfield’s Joe Konczal (42-38—80) and Northview’s Max Crooks (38-39—77).

Perrysburg golfers Mackeane Hanley (36-38—74), Cody Schneider (39-39—78) and Kyle Ross (41-37—78) are third team.

“We had five guys in the 70s, so I’m proud of all of them,” DeLauter said. “For Mackeane, a two-over 74 on that course is fantastic.”

Rounding out the third team are Northview golfers Evan Maki (37-39—76) and Charlie Lutz (43-39—82) and Napoleon golfer Will Fraker (41-40—81).

Also golfing for Perrysburg at Eagles Landing was Alex Wilhelm (44-40—84).

Also golfing for BG was Nathan Cavanaugh (46-44—90), Theo Bock (47-43—90), Ryan Thomas (47-44—91), Seth Gollehon (56-47—103) and Gabe Pollock-O’Dorisio (62-61—123).

Other Northview golfers were Adam Krajicek (42-39—81) and Bode Briggs (44-46—90).

Napoleon golfers also included Brennan Babcock (42-38—80), Konner Hoover (44-42—86), Bryce Bostelman (49-38—87), Alex Lavin (44-44—88) and Parker Woods (39-49—88).

Maumee golfers were Travis Moebius (39-37—76), Max Rosenberger (46-45—91), Zak Morris (49-43—92), Noah Marvin (44-49—93), Antonio Valadez (51-46—97), and Caylob Lepper (55-49—104).

Other Springfield golfers were Dallas Allen (44-42—86), Evan Kurz (48-41—89), Ayden Schlitcher (49-50—99), Drew Holmes (50-49—99), and Ashton Graham (53-50—103).

Southview golfers were Isaac Vens (45-42—87), Ben Hood (47-41—88), Ben Kotnik (42-47—89), Wyatt Tuschman (43-48—91), Kyle Freels (45-47—92), and Jacob Slutsky (48-48—96).

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