Perrysburg board: Do the right thing and dump DORA


To the Editor:

The Perrysburg School Board is seriously considering allowing school property to be included in the city’s DORA (How DORA and schools can co-exist: Perrysburg school board debates, Sept. 8)? Please explain how this is a positive move for the district.

What happened to zero tolerance? What else can we do to lower our standards?

Is it really the schools’ mission to promote the sale of alcohol by local establishments? Is it really necessary for school property to be included for events to thrive? The car shows and concerts seem to be well attended now without alcohol. Are we really that dependent on alcohol in our community that events will be curtailed if we don’t agree?

Board members have been told by council members that there have been no problems. The same article said that people already come onto the property with a DORA cup. Isn’t that a violation of the DORA? Are there no problems or are they just being ignored? It is the city’s responsibility to provide police to enforce the rules.

Sometimes leadership requires that you do what is right. The school district will be held in higher esteem if they decline the request to include the property. Instead, provide a “safe place” for families to enjoy events and not be around alcohol if they choose not to.

Just say no.

Jamie A. Weidner


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