Study shows airports support over $587 million in economic activity


TOLEDO – The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority recently engaged the Bowling Green State University’s Center for Regional Development to conduct an economic impact analysis for the Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport (TOL) and the Toledo Executive Airport (TDZ).

The study highlights that in 2021 TOL supported over 2,900 jobs and over $581 million in economic output in the Toledo Region, while TDZ supported an additional 44 jobs and over $6.6 million in economic output.

“The results of the economic impact study show the true impact of our local airports,” said Thomas Winston, president and CEO of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. “The diversity of our operations is key to the success we have seen thus far, and we will continue to build on these successes in not just one aspect of the airports, but all. Our economic impact is far greater than if the airports only relied on one type of aviation operation.”

TOL serves as a hub of economic activity in northwest Ohio by supporting manufacturing, military, air cargo, aviation training and education, commercial service aviation, and general aviation operations. TOL’s economic impact on northwest Ohio is significant and is led by the presence of a diverse set of employers and activities, including the 180th Ohio Air National Guard Fighter Wing, Tronair Inc., Amazon Air, and commercial and general aviation activities. Non-commercial air service activity represents the largest component of economic output at TOL, representing $530 million (91.21%) of the total impact due to the presence of the Ohio Air National Guard and other large-scale employers, as well as increased cargo operations.

“Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport and Toledo Executive Airport are vital public assets that support significant employment and economic activity across northwest Ohio,” said Russell Mills, Ph.D., senior director of the BGSU CRD. “In addition to the direct impact operations at both facilities have on the region, business to business purchases of goods and services as well as the spending of wages by employees at businesses across the region enhance the economic contribution of both facilities across Northwest Ohio.”

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