BG school board criticized for ‘Management by Crisis’


To the Editor:

The condition of BG schools has been known to previous and present school board members. Our tax dollars have been available for maintenance and modernization, yet — with the exception of the middle school — they have been neglected.

All present sites have adequate land for expansions as well. To date, three elementaries have been closed. A look at the monies invested in the remaining student structures would be telling – Crim, Conneaut, Kenwood, middle and high school.

Have our school boards chosen “Management by Crisis” to serve as a means for construction of all new buildings? Voters should seriously consider motives.

As an example, decades have passed without all, but one, newer building constructed with air conditioning. Why? For years our school board (past and present) stated we could not install air conditioning, partly due to an asbestos concern, yet we now have wall units safely set in place.

Wall units, like these have been available for decades. Two generations of my descendants have attended these schools. Clearly they are in need of updates such as windows, lighting, etc.

The present school board keeps millions in accounts along with pipeline money, which could be used to improve our buildings. I believe it is their hope that by intentionally neglecting the current buildings, they will force the community into voting for outlandish levy money in order to build all new.

The BG City Schools district has lost students to surrounding districts that maintain and upgrade their buildings. New hires see BG as a mere stepping stone towards a more lucrative future.

Sue Smith

Bowling Green

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