Perrysburg Twp. truck will be at Firehouse Expo


LIME CITY — The Firehouse Expo will have a booth featuring the newest pickup truck that will be part of the Perrysburg Township Fire Department.

Sound-off Signal corporate would like to take the truck to the Firehouse Expo in Columbus, said Tom Brice, fire chief, at a recent Perrysburg Township Trustees meeting.

“The truck won’t even be in service at that time. The lights will be done, but the cap won’t be in yet,” he said. “In exchange, they’ve offered to upgrade some of the lights and also put some additional lighting in the back of the truck, at no additional charge to us. They have also offered to send in undetermined to Firehouse Expo for training, on their dime. I think it would be worthwhile financially. I think it will be a win-win for us, and I think it’s pretty cool for the township to have a vehicle down there on display.”

This opportunity emerged out of the department’s need for a radio system in the truck. The new mobile radio from Motorola Solutions will cost $5,757.

Brice called that a “significant up-charge,” from the last time they purchased one of the radios. In 2014 the same radio was $4,300.

The truck also needs a Sierra wireless operating package, from P&R Communications, at a cost of $1,501.

Additionally, there was to be an installation charge of $1,100 for the new units.

“However, the gentleman who is doing the installation of the lights, etc. said that they would do it as part of what they had already agreed for the lights and everything else. He said it wouldn’t be that much more work,” Brice said.

The trustees also unanimously approved the contract renewal for “I Am Responding,” at a cost of $800. The service alerts department members by sending the various department runs to their phones, with the location of the incident and status of the incident.

Part-time firefighter Alex Pinkerton, who will be moving out of state, has resigned.

The police department had a purchase order approved for LEADS online, the investigative software used by the detectives, for $2,258.

John Jones Police Pursuit Vehicles is now being required by Chrysler to have a letter of intent to purchase on file for future purchases. Trustees approved the letter for two vehicles for next year. No specifics were needed.

In other business, the maintenance department received approval for a purchase order increase of $94,000 for extra curb work on Oakmont and Starbright housing developments, from Smith Paving and Excavating.

Fiscal Officer Hannah Nelson said the second American Rescue Plan Act funds draw has arrived at Perrysburg Township; $100,000 of the $680,000 will be going toward the Perrysburg Heights Community Association to help with the community center construction project. The township will be sending it directly to Spieker general contractors.

On the first year anniversary of being on the job, Nelson had asked for an outside review of the work she had done.

“I had an internal review, to give me peace of mind, given the transition here,” she said.

The comparison was made to the state audit that took place in 2020.

“It was good. There was no significant change.” Nelson said. “I just wanted to make sure. I felt like I owed it to the residents to make sure that everything that I did was correctly done.”

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