BG wrapping up residential paving project


The 2022 residential paving project in Bowling Green is nearing completion.

The contractor has repaved the following roads: Clough, North and South Enterprise, West Evers, Frazee, Lehman, Leroy, Mitchell, Pike, North Prospect, East and West Reed, Ridge and South Summit.

Two aspects of the project remain – applying an asphalt rejuvenating agent and striping.

The contractor plans to apply a rejuvenating agent this week. This work will result in traffic impacts and the removal of on-street parking while this occurs on the respective roads.

Applying the rejuvenating agent involves spraying the material onto the road and then applying sand to the same area. After two days, any loose sand is swept up, allowing enough time for the rejuvenating agent to be absorbed into the pavement.

It is anticipated that this work will take approximately five days in total. This process is an important component of the project as it extends the life of the road and provides long-term benefits to the condition of the pavement.

The final stage of the residential paving project will be the striping of the roadways. Due to the rejuvenating agent, striping of the affected roadways must take place no sooner than one week from the completion of that portion of the project. It is anticipated that striping will occur the week of Sept. 12.

The timeline is dependent upon progress of work and weather.

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