Green energy has a black outlook


What do we do with all the cars, trucks, lawnmowers and other gas powered equipment when we are all green?

Can we recycle them? No, they still will be unwanted. Convert them to electric? Possibly, but that would be expensive and time consuming. And what about all the jobs lost by auto workers? Retrain them? Again expensive and time consuming. Fill the landfills? That would only make more pollution and take up a lot of space.

There wasn’t any thought to how we can convert to all electric energy. No thought on a transition to electric. Let’s just stop all production of gas and diesel fuel.

Prices skyrocketed almost instantly and that fueled the inflation crisis we are now experiencing. Then we need to think about all the by-products from the production of gasoline, like plastics and numerous other goods. How will we make all these consumer goods, commercial and industrial uses?

Did any of these green energy activists even look into the ramifications of using no fossil fuel? They were so set on killing the petroleum industry, they only had their agenda in mind.

Do we have the technology to go green on a massive scale? Perhaps, but we don’t have the infrastructure to support this. We don’t have enough charging stations to accommodate all these electric vehicles. Do we have the means to produce an electric jumbo jet, or a jet fighter to defend our country?

These and many other things needed to be considered, but weren’t.

How will we dispose of all the gas and diesel powered airplanes and military equipment. Will we convert them to green energy? This is possible, but unlikely — again the expense and time needed would be astronomical.

There was no plan to slowly transition to green energy, which would have been the smartest, most sensible way. We could phase out fossil fuels and phase in green energy.

Think about how we will pave our streets without asphalt and tar. These are made from petroleum. What will our electric vehicles drive on? How many other petroleum-based products are being produced today. These are products we depend on for nearly everything.

How much does a charging station cost? How long will it take to recharge vehicles? We can fill up a tank with gasoline in a few minutes.To recharge a battery will take a couple of hours or more.

Then there is the cost of a new electric vehicle. The average American cannot afford this. With inflation and the economy in question, there is very little normalcy ahead for the future.

So now what? Do we just plod along and hope for the best? Or do we stand up and confront these activists and try to work out a plan to transition to green energy? Solving problems, not creating them, is what we need to do.

Herb Dettmer is a retired Bowling Green resident, U.S. Army veteran and writes this column representing the viewpoint of “Joe Average” citizen. He is freelance writer and author of “Others,” a devotional book. Call or text “Joe” with comments at 419-494-4641.

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