Property transfers


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

June 15

346 Stonegate Blvd., Bowling Green, residential, from Cathy and Gary Bockbrader, to Sharon Suttler, $225,000.

333 and 0 Wallace Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Vera Balasz, to Black Swamp Investments Properties, $117,500.

312 State St., North Baltimore, residential, from Sharon and Gary Leveck, to Tia and Levi Clark, $85,000.

2511 Oregon Road, Northwood, commercial, from Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, trustee, to AAMA Plaza LLC, $2,300,000.

503 E. Indiana Ave., Perrysburg, residential, from Nicholas Steeb, to James Tafelski and Renata Kurtz, $245,000.

8 Knollwood Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from James Sundermeier, to Angela Gabor, $100,000.

17510 Euler Road, Plain Township, residential, from Dee and James Szalejko, to Kyle and Sandra Cramer, $380,000.

530 Woodland Drive, Rossford, residential, from Matthew Haas and Catrina Odenweller-Haas, to John MacGregor III and Corissa MacGregor, $360,000.

159 and 0 Rossburn Place, Rossford, residential, from Jeffrey Hodak II, to Ryan Oaks, $150,000.

19533 and 0 Tontogany Creek Road, Washington Township, residential, from Randy and Lori Rife, to Richard and Christy Grove, $330,100.

June 16

1530 Wooster St., Bowling Green, commercial, from Noble 1530 Wooster Bowling Green LLC, to Bowling Green VZ LLC, $2,825,000.

326 Derby Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from David and Debra Cartledge, to Paul Joseph, $106,000.

1460 Muirfield Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Andrew and David Leggat, to Mark and Kay Voorhees, $325,900.

0 Eisenhower Drive, Fostoria, residential, from Sutter Development Group, to Jacob Gentillon, $237,500.

156 Oak St., Rossford, residential, from Barry Pollock, to Troy and Cynarra Cherri, $100,700.

19422 Poe Road, Washington Township, residential, from Edgar Hall III and Taylor Hall, to Joshua Commet, $210,000.

13135 and 0 Maple St., Weston, residential, from Donna Szorad, to Halie and David VanAllsburg, $60,000.

June 17

448 Linden Drive, Pemberville, residential, from Pember Grove LLC, to Jamie and Monica Morelock, $46,000.

0 Findlay Pike, Portage, commercial, 0.09 acres, from Sonja Hammer, to Beth and Courtney Dipillo, $25,000.

22182 and 0 Mermill Road and 0 East St., Milton Center, residential, from Benjamin Wilhelm, to Cheryl Trumbull, $150,000.

2128 Drouillard Road, Northwood, residential, from Tyler and Jessica Bol, to Jordan Rettig, $138,000.

1001 Pine St., Perrysburg, residential, from Dana Grigsby, to Duncan Oleshak, $170,000.

5711 and 0 Cherry St., Troy Township, residential, from Austin Webster, to Shereen and Andrew Abbas, $65,700.

0 Reams Road, Washington Township, residential, from Cale and Alicia Swanson, to Carrie Conrad, $55,000.

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