Escapee still at large, suspected to be in Toledo


An inmate who escaped custody Saturday at the hospital is still at large and facing felony charges.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office and Bowling Green Police Division reported Saturday that Christopher Michael Eldredge escaped custody at 4:21 p.m. while being treated in the emergency department at Wood County Hospital.

Eldredge fled on foot from a deputy and proceeded to steal a vehicle in Bowling Green. The vehicle has since been recovered in Toledo.

Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said Monday that his office is working with the Toledo Police Department and U.S. Marshals Service to track Eldredge down.

Wasylyshyn said they don’t know for sure where Eldredge is, but when people escape, they usually go to places they are familiar with.

“Time is on our side. He will eventually show up. I would be concerned if he was a violent felon, but he is not,” Wasylyshyn said.

Eldredge was incarcerated at the Wood County jail on April 7 for misdemeanor offenses but is now facing felony charges.

“He went from misdemeanor charges to having felonies,” Wasylyshynsaid.

Those charges include escape and robbery, he said.

According to the BGPD report, officers were made aware the suspect was fleeing on foot westbound from the hospital. A 911 caller told dispatch she observed the foot chase and the inmate tried to get into her car when she pulled into her residence in the 1000 block of Pinewood.

She said that the deputy was chasing the subject around her vehicle. She said that the inmate fled the area westbound, and the deputy continued pursuing him, according to the police report.

Eldredge reportedly stole a blue 2020 Hyundai Tucson from a customer at a hair salon in the 1200 block of West Wooster Street.

A deputy said he struggled with the prisoner at the door of the car, but the prisoner was able to get in the car and take off, according to the police report.

The report indicated the deputy had accompanied Eldredge to the hospital from the jail and when he went to the bathroom Eldredge took off.

Salon customers told police a white male in an orange jumpsuit ran into the salon and began demanding car keys. They described him as out of breath, agitated and shaking.

They told police he saw keys sitting on the counter and grabbed them before running out of the salon. The owner of the keys said she chased the man until she saw the deputy approaching. The deputy began struggling with Eldredge, but he was able to get away from the deputy and get in the car, according to the report.

The car was tracked to Toledo and found in the area of Woodlawn and Phillips Avenue.

Eldredge is 35 years old, white, 6 feet tall and 190 pounds. He has a shaved head.

He was last seen wearing an orange jumpsuit.

“He will eventually be brought back into custody,” Wasylyshyn said.

If located, do not approach, and call 911.

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