Weston to use tablets, save paper


WESTON — At the March 3 meeting of the Weston Village Council there was a different look. Rather than
stacks of paper, computer tablets were prominently displayed.
The bills, financial reports, previous minutes and other information were all sent to the tablets. The
village officials are seeking to cut paper and printing costs, as well as being friendlier to the
The village purchased eight Dell Venue tablets for use by the council members, mayor and fiscal officer.
The total cost was $2,800.
Rather than viewing this as an expense, Mayor Jason Worthen views it as an investment to save both time
and other costs.
The idea for the tablets was originally conceived by Worthen.
I was sitting there with my papers stacking up every week. We all have brief cases filling up,” Worthen
explained. “I was trying to figure a way to streamline and make things more accessible.”
Worthen said by going paperless as much as possible the village will save a lot of money on the cost of
printing. Worthen said the savings should be very apparent after a few months of use. It is not just the
paper and ink costs, but he also noted the village’s copier rental contract requires them to pay so much
per copy.
“This will definitely be more eco-friendly instead of having to print everything off, we are just trying
to find a way to be more efficient,” the mayor said. “It will also save time for the fiscal officer to
print everything.”
That fiscal officer, Sarah Schroeder is also excited about the use of the tablets.
“The members can look ahead of time at the financial reports and bills,” she said.
At the first meeting she was also able to provide council members with pictures submitted in the
village’s application for a Community Development Block Grant; as well as the choices supplied to
members for the color banners to be used in the downtown Weston area.
“There’s also special features including a recording app,” Schroeder said, noting she won’t have to use a
tape recorder. “Eventually, we may be able to post those recordings for the citizens to hear the council
She also noted she can take notes right on the tablet as if it were a notebook.
Worthen found many government offices are beginning to move in this direction.
The tablets are strictly for village business only. “There is nothing else to be done on it,” Worthen
In other news Schroeder told council early financial reports are favorable with increased revenue in a
couple of areas.
“We are off to a good start,” she said.
On Friday, Worthen also reported he has received word the pending EMS contract with Milton Center should
be signed at Milton’s next meeting.

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