Transfers: 5-16-19


The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood county Real Estate Division.
May 6
12550 Roachton Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Tricia Luedtke, to Javier and Irma Cobian, $52,500.

9692 Bishopswood Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Robert and Wendy Eckhart, to Jesse Smith, $152,000.

26004 Turnbridge Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Robin Wood, to Cynthia Schroth, $295,000.
12178 Jefferson St., Perrysburg, residential, from Michelle Hoste, trustee, to James and Sarah Begell,
9384 Golfcreek Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Anthony and Sheryl Forgash, $215,000.
3313 Chasenwood Way, Perrysburg, residential, from Axius Development LLC, to Tami Robnolte, $309,900.
9810 Bradner Road, Risingsun, residential, from Dale and Lana Rose, to Jason Kreais, $102,000.
May 7
5728 Moline Martin Road, Walbridge, residential, from Jeffrey and Cassandra Bryan, to Ervin and Julie
Kosch, $177,200.
13321 Briarfield Blvd, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffery Van Demark and Nancy Camerota, to Karen and
Stephen Toon, $420,000.
445 Hillside Drive, Rossford, residential, from Michael Heban and Debra Wise, to Brian Edelbrock,
1497 Circle Drive, Millbury, residential, from Kevin and Jodi Bordner and Jennifer Overmyer, to David and
Debie Smith, $178,400.
21 Santus Drive, Rossford, residential, from Troy and Paula Ernsthausen, to Kyle and Bethany Bode,
1760 Eaglecrest Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Philip and Melissa Hagan, to Nicole and Bradley
Amborski, $285,000.
224 S. Maple St., Bowling Green, residential, from Brian Barndt, to Patricia Harrison, $95,000.
578 Bridgewiew Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Cori Obliski, to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO
Pradeep Vij IRA 75% Undivided Interest and Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Rupan Vij IRA 25%
Undivided Interest, $163,000.
3445 Piper Drive, Northwood, residential, from Gerald and Catherine Reiter, to Jenna and Aaron Rourke,
919 Hanson St., Northwood, residential, from Kenneth Williams, to Courtney Pompos, $79,000.
13861 Eckel Junction Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Stephen and Karen Toon, to Alistair and Amber
Thursby, $320,000.
613 S. Main St., Walbridge, residential, from Enedelia Stowe, to Gerald Gilson, $110,000.
5897 Cherokee Ave., Walbridge, residential, from Tami Robnolte, to Heidi and Zachary Jenkins, $259,900.

1004 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg, residential, from Barbara McLaughlin, to Tammy and Robert Thiel,
2273 Ridgewood Place, Northwood, residential, from Barbara Hahler, to Jack and Judith Gross, $192,000.

May 8
3872 Girton Road, Wayne, residential, from Robert and Norma Ramsey, to Eric and Jacquelin Palmer,
936 N. Summit St., Bowling Green, residential, from HC Summit LLC, to Elizabeth Maurer-Iott and Kenneth
and David and Kathleen and John Maurer Co-Trustees of the Maurer Grandchild Irrevocable Trust, $40,000.

1037 Turnbury Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Deborah McGrail, to David and Marsha Smith, $157,000.

670 Glenwood Road, Rossford, residential, from Kenneth Howell, to Lynn and Michael Wagner, $159.900.
6800 Wales Road, Northwood, commercial, from Robert and Janet Block, to Sormac Inc., $325,000.
300 East Poe Road and 0 Frazee Ave., Bowling Green, commercial, from the Sentinel Company, to Maurer
Rentals, $635,000.
304 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, residential, from Charlotte Coker, to Raymond and Sheila Beckman,
304 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, residential, from Sharon Decant, to Raymond and Sheila Beckman, $28,333.

304 Farnstead Drive, Northwood, residential, from Della Hill (deceased), to Raymond and Sheila Beckman,
29154 Greystone Drive, Millbury, residential, from Gessie Zunk, to Jeff Tabbert, $182,500.
25604 Bradner Road, Genoa, residential, from Larry and Nancy Wilhelm, to Cynthia Osenbaugh, $162,500.
709 N. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Eric and Mindy Radabaugh, to Bryan and Emily
Gattozzi, $200,000.
1572 Ridge Cross Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Brandon Chaney, to Emmett and Shelby Snow, $265,000.

306 N. Garfield St., Bloomdale, residential, from Rickey and Danielle Rosendale, to Tyler Rosendale and
Brianna Hammond, $77,380.
May 9
1151 Middleton Pike, Luckey, residential, from Pamela Hartley and Terri Brandel, to Scott and Kristina
Conrad, $100,000.
14748 Saddle Horn Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio, trustee, to
Buckeye Real Estate Group, $48,900.
0 Stearns Road, Fostoria, agricultural, 55.90 acres, from Patricia and David Burkart, successor
co-trustees, to Kenneth and Jane Stearns, trustees, $335,400.
10678 Bradner Road, Bradner, residential, from John and Theresa Garner, to Larry Beckford, $43,700.
9864 Ford Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Buni Edge, to Jennifer Rollo, $167,000.
110 Breckman St., Walbridge, residential, from Vicki Henderson, to Richard LaCourse, $78,000.
May 10
10907 South Lakes Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffrey and Louwanna Coppler, to John and Vicki
Stolzer, trustees, $227,000.
26667 Woodmont Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Matthew and Lindsay Folk, to Fabian Martin del Campo
Issac and Arcelia Alvarez, $261,000.
20750 Taylor St., Weston, residential, from Carl Kniff Jr., to Ryan and Holli Armstrong, $115,000.
43 W. Foxgate Circle, Bowling Green, residential, from Curtis and Margaret Hayward, to Cynthia Minnick,
2384 Custar Road, Jackson Township, residential, from William and Sarah Weaver, to Brandon and Danielle
Conine, $27,000.
23486 Bradner Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Frederick Brinker (deceased), to Brent Nowakowski,

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