To the Editor: Walbridge woman questions sainthood for previous popes

This pertains to local news articles about Pope Francis proclaiming John Paul II a saint. What were the
miracles he performed? How can our Pope even begin to proclaim this Pope a saint with a history of
deception, when he in fact was guilty of acting slowly to the crisis of sexual abusive priests, and the
bishops who enabled those priests’ action against innocent children? Scandal of major cover up of
pedophilia behavior. Then that wasn’t enough he put on more shame on our Catholic faith by giving
Vatican sanctuary to Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, an enabler of child abuse who resigned in disgrace in
2002 as archbishop of Boston.
Another unforgiveable breach was the pope’s defense of a Mexican priest Marcial Maciel Degollado, a
pedophile, womanizer, embezzler and drug addict. The priest’s order, the Legionnaires of Christ,
denounced him in February for his reprehensible and immortal behavior. His actions is far from declaring
him a saint. This is a slap in our face for those of us who have worked hard in raising our children in
the Catholic faith. We teach our children to obey the teachings of our faith, and then read in the
papers the Pope Francis canonization of a Pope who has broken the teachings of the Catholic faith. This
is far from the teachings that I was preach to at the Catholic school I attended.
Apparently, there are two sets of rules, one for the followers and then one for the priest. Not once did
the Pope apologize for his behavior, nor did he apologize to the innocent children that these priest
destroyed. A saint he is not, and doesn’t deserve to be called a saint. This is a sad day in the eyes of
the innocent who had to endure the pain and suffering in the hands of a man who decided to sweep this
behavior under the rug. This is one reason why I have left the Catholic Church.
Joann Schiavone