To the Editor: Gun owners often use firearms for protection

In her June 25 editorial, "Middle ground for gun laws?", Jan Larson-McLaughlin writes that
"as someone who reads Associated Press stories from across the nation every day, I must say that I
can’t remember the last story about a person successfully using a gun to legally protect themselves
outside their home."
Either her memory is deeply flawed, or she is proving that using the AP as one’s primary news source will
leave them horribly uninformed., the official website of an organization which the writer shows a particular disdain,
lists the many such incidents that have happened right here in Ohio – all taken from media reports.
There are around 60 incidents listed – with all but a few happening outside the home.
There are dozens of such incidents listed each month in various gun rights publications, each citing the
source of the local news outlet which reported it.
What’s more, last summer, a jury found that a certain Hispanic man in Florida had successfully used a gun
to legally protect himself. It kind of made big news, and I’m certain the AP covered it. So perhaps it
is her memory.
Chad Baus, Archbold