Prism Propane customers offered at-cost electric heaters

Prism Propane has partnered with area retail stores to offer electric heaters at-cost for those affected
by an ongoing propane crisis.
With several circumstances converging to create a supply shortage in much of the Midwest this winter,
Prism asked its more than 13,000 customers to begin conserving and acquire electric heaters as a
secondary source. Now, the company has partnered with Menards and The Andersons to offer heaters at a
reduced cost.
Menards requested delivery of more than 1,500 heaters from its distribution center to Prism, and The
Andersons quickly stepped up with another 200 from its Maumee stores, Prism stated in a news release.

"We want to make sure everyone who needs heat can keep warm, so we opened up sales of these electric
heaters to our members as well," said Prism COO George Walton.
Although Northwest Ohio is experiencing a warmer weather reprieve, forecasters expect temperatures to
plunge once again this week. Prism customers are urged to dress warmly and keep home propane thermostats
set around 64 degrees, along with reducing the temperature setting on propane water heaters. Two weeks
ago, Prism introduced a hotline number, 567-208-0860, offering additional information.
The company reached out last week to thank local lawmakers including Gov. John Kasich, U.S. Rep. Bob
Latta (R-Bowling Green) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who helped create awareness of the shortage and
facilitate additional supplies.
"Prism Propane’s first concern is the safety of its customers and, with frigid temperatures
occurring every other week, we had to call upon our elected officials for assistance, and they really
came through for us," Walton said. "Their efforts in calling attention to this crisis allowed
us to forge partnerships outside the state, which assisted us in finding alternate distributors to
strengthen our supply inventory."