Pipeline project creates needed construction jobs

To the Editor:
Pipelines represent a benefit to the community, especially when our jobs depend on it ("Pushing
Pipelines", November 12.) We encourage people to learn the facts as they consider construction of
the new Rover pipeline.
Everyone has heard the sayings that manufacturing jobs are fewer and further between than ever, or the
classic, we just don’t build things in this country anymore.
Now we have the opportunity to change that.
Investment in America’s energy infrastructure creates jobs and helps support our long-term economic
interests here in Ohio. It will create jobs along the proposed Rover Pipeline route; in fact 10,000
temporary construction jobs will be created by this pipeline alone. That means 10,000 more paychecks to
our local workforce.
Pipelines also create manufacturing jobs, whether they are jobs producing materials needed for the
pipeline itself, or the jobs that are created by connecting manufacturing to the rich natural gas
supplies of Eastern Ohio, manufacturing is heavily benefited by this pipeline. We have the opportunity
to tap into vast natural resources, and bring more efficiency to some of our largest industries. That’s
good for management, good for workers, and good for consumers.
The regulators should hear all the facts before making their decision on an important project like Rover.

Joseph Cousino
Northwest Ohio Building Trades President