Online tools can estimate taxes

Wood County Auditor Matthew Oestreich is highlighting two new tools available on the Wood County real
estate website: a tax estimator and a levy estimator.
The link to the new website is located at
Wood County residents can use the tax estimator button to calculate potential property taxes. After the
taxing district, parcel type, and property value are entered, the calculator provides an estimate based
on current year tax rates. This is a helpful tool to anyone curious to the tax implication prior to
building or improving property, a press release stated.
“It allows Wood County residents to see the impact of upcoming ballot issues specific to their property,”
Oestreich said.
Once all ballot issues are certified by the board of elections, the levies are uploaded to Oestreich’s
website. By searching for their specific parcel and then clicking on the levy estimator button, property
owners can see specific information for all levies that they will be asked to vote on in the upcoming
election. Listed for each levy is the current tax amount, new tax amount if passed, and the difference
based on the current year tax value.
Oestreich encourages property owners to utilize the levy estimator prior to voting. There are 31
individual levies on the Nov. 3 ballot. For information on polling locations, visit the board of
elections website at