ODOT urges caution on state highways


The Ohio Department of Transportation is advising drivers to keep up their vigilance as roads remain
snow-covered and continue to drift.
“The routes, 199, even 25, have a good layer of snow pack on them and this can be very slippery,” said
Theresa Pollick, spokesperson for ODOT District 2 in Bowling Green. She indicated that roads are still
drifting, and that on Ohio 18, drivers encountered three-foot snow drifts.
The drifting is especially being seen on rural routes and open areas.
“It is still a situation we are watching closely,” she said. Crews were able to get the bulk of snow off
of the roadways, but the drifting is creating new challenges.
“Until we can get something on the roadways in terms of treatments, it’s going to stay this way.”
She indicated that plow drivers are operating in tandem formation – first, because of the volume of snow
and second, for the safety of the crews in case one truck encounters difficulty.

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