November the deadliest month for drivers


The Ohio Highway Patrol reports that this November Ohio’s roadways experienced an upward trend in
There were 111 provisional traffic fatalities last month – 52 percent more than November 2013’s total –
marking it as the deadliest month of 2014 so far.
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is asking all motorists to help reverse this trend.
Never drive distracted or impaired –  impaired motorists have been responsible for 35 percent of traffic
deaths in Ohio this year. Drivers are advised to always buckle up, as wearing a safety belt is the
number one thing they can do to protect themselves in a crash.
Aggressive and impaired drivers may be reported by dialing #677.
Additionally, drivers are asked to encourage their friends and family to make smart decisions so they can
help reverse this upward trend and keep Ohio’s roads safer.
"Remember, each death on our highways is more than just a statistic. It is a loss of life that, in
many cases, should have been prevented," said Colonel Paul A. Pride, patrol superintendent.
"That’s why the patrol is so diligent in cracking down on impaired driving, safety belts and other
traffic violations. We don’t want a tragedy to occur in your family."
For a county-by-county breakdown of traffic fatalities so far in 2014, visit

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