No endorsements, just facts


The Sentinel-Tribune will not be making endorsements to persuade voters how to cast their ballots in the
election less than a week away.
What we are doing is giving voters the information they need to make educated decisions at the polls.
After that, it’s up to you.
So before you vote on a tax levy or candidate, take some time to read what our reporters have gathered.

How will that tax money be spent? Have expenses already been cut to try to ward off the need for more tax
revenue? What kind of experience does each candidate have? And how do candidates feel about issues such
as clean water, economic development and government spending?
We’ve done the information gathering. All you have to do is read. Then vote.
Our stories are covering tax levies for the county’s mental health services, the county library,
Pemberville and Wayne libraries, North Baltimore’s streets, Lake Township fire department, and
Perrysburg Township police and fire departments.
We also explain Rossford’s ballot issue on TARTA, and Perrysburg Township’s question on zoning.
Readers can find out why Perrysburg, Lake and Rossford school districts are all seeking their levy
support at the polls.
And candidates’ stances are put in black and white for those running for Wood County Commissioner, the
Ohio House and Congress.
In addition to stories by our news staff, the Sentinel-Tribune also published the Voters Guide from the
League of Women Voters, and letters to the editor to let you know how your neighbors feel about election
issues and candidates.
So read up, then remember to vote.

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