New school will improve property values


To the Editor:
All Realtors know that good schools attract families of school age children. We also know modern school
facilities improve property values.
I certainly know this from first-hand experience. In 13 years as a Realtor, I have shown people homes in
Bowling Green, only to have buyers decide they prefer to buy in another location so their children will
have safe, updated schools.
A drive past our elementary schools reveals buildings that are worn out and not designed for student
safety. Inside, you find small cramped classrooms. Some of the rooms intended for storage also serve as
rooms for ill children, intervention specialists or counselors. In the halls you see students sitting on
the floor being taught. Teachers move from room to room and between schools to teach music and art from
carts. Currently people thinking of buying a home in BG see trailers outside one elementary school.
The National Association of Realtors provides a school toolkit to Realtors. The toolkit provides
guidelines for what Realtors should look for in schools that include” safe, clean, environment with
up-to-date facilities and equipment conducive to learning that brings out the best for both teachers and
A vote for the current school levy will provide a safer, centralized campus, over having three schools
scattered around town. It will provide equity for all students who will have benefit all all teachers
and all specialists in one building. Nurses, counselors and teaching specialists will not have to waste
time and money traveling from one school to another throughout the day. It will be a contemporary
environment for teaching and learning. It will attract more home buyers making Bowling Green more
competitive with surrounding schools. And, it will increase home values.
Sandy Rowland
Bowling Green

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