Holley’s resume makes him best choice for 3rd ward


To the Editor:
Residents of Bowling Green’s 3rd ward, you have the opportunity to replace experience with experience by
electing Ryan Holley to city council. On Nov. 5, the residents of 3rd ward will elect a new council
representative for the first time since 2009. The 3rd ward has been fortunate to have been served for
the last 10 years by Mike Aspacher – an honorable and capable public servant who will continue to serve
as our mayor.
I am excited that Holley has chosen to run and offer the benefit of his experience as a council member,
and I am pleased to offer my strong and unequivocal endorsement of his candidacy. He is running for
council for all the right reasons, he loves Bowling Green, and most importantly he sees its potential.

Holley is married and the father of three young children, a business owner who, if elected, will be the
only Bowling Green business owner on council and thus able to offer an important perspective to city
governance. He has served on the Bowling Green Planning Commission for nine years — rare experience for
a council candidate in any year. Holley knows how the city operates and the people who make it happen.
His work on the planning commission has made him very familiar with the issues and priorities in the
Future Land Use Plan. He teaches business at Bowling Green State University. He spent 13 years managing
his family’s apartment business and has a running start to finding solutions to housing-related issues
across the city.
It is not often that a community has an opportunity to elect someone as qualified and committed to public
service as is Holley. He has managed businesses, he teaches business at the university level, and he
currently owns and runs a business in Bowling Green. He is uniquely situated to help Bowling Green
Council continue its efforts to create and maintain a sustainable economic development strategy to
attract development in the form of new housing and businesses, and to make it easier for current
business to grow. I look forward to serving with Holley on city council and I ask that you vote for him
on Nov. 5.
Greg Robinette
Bowling Green

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