Ghanbari let Wood County down


To the Editor:
There has been a long-standing bipartisan consensus in Bowling Green to support renewable energy.
Democrats and Republicans in city government over a period of at least 20 years, worked hard and
invested much money into achieving what is now over 40% of its energy from renewable sources.
This sustained effort and investment was dealt a hard blow by the recent vote for HB 6, which strips out
$400,000 in subsidies that Bowling Green receives. In addition, by removing mandates for renewable
energy, Bowling Green will lose its ability to sell excess renewable energy capacity to other
municipalities, a significant source of revenue.
HB 6 began as a tool to provide a bailout for the two nuclear power plants in Ohio (a bail-out that
should be debated on its own merits), but it got laden with horrible policy that sticks it to renewable
Days before the bill passed in the House, there were amendments that were added to help protect
investments in solar sites throughout the state. Bowling Green’s solar facility wasn’t one of those.
Ohio Rep. Haraz Ghanbari, R-Perrysburg, didn’t stand up and fight for the largest community in his
district, nor for First Solar, Perrysburg Township’s solar manufacturer. He didn’t stand up to protect
the hard work that both Bowling Green Republicans and Democrats had fought for over the past twenty
His vote was a slap in the face of Bowling Green, First Solar and all of Wood County.
Mike Zickar
Former BG Councilor
Wood County Democratic Party Chair

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