First Baptist Church in BG begins series on ‘Origins’


With the highly publicized Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, the subsequent opinion letters to the editor, as well
as the release of the Noah movie, the issue of creation and evolution is as hot as ever.
Pastor Tom Mullins will kick off a special series on "Origins, Creation, Evolution, and the
Mullins says, "This will be the most creative, thought provoking series in millions of years. Buckle
up for a thrilling ride of creation exploration."
Among the questions asked will be, do fossils make better sense under the magnifying glass of the Bible
or evolution’s geologic time table? Are there really multiple races of humans? Did humans evolve from
Mullins adds, "We will also consider faith vs. reason, identifying worldviews, and Darwin’s
legitimate contribution to science."
The church is located at 749 S. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green. The worship services are at 10:30 a.m.

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