Filmmaker Leonard talks about old, new projects


TOLEDO –  Filmmaker Brett Leonard, best known for his 1992 sci-fi hit "The Lawnmower Man," will
join Toledo Museum of Art Director Brian Kennedy for a free Masters Series talk Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. on
the Peristyle stage.
He will discuss with Kennedy the role of digital media in Hollywood and his fascination with technology
in film.
"The fact that people can watch films and visuals on their phones has changed everything,"
Leonard said. "It’s essential to how people are communicating on a global level. It’s a way art is
winning, and it’s a really radical time right now."
The Toledo native will also discuss his return to his hometown to film "Perfect Season," the
true story of the Toledo Troopers, an all-female professional football team that won seven consecutive
championships in the 1970s. The team was the first to be inducted into the recently-formed Women’s
Football Foundation Hall of Fame.
"It’s an incredible true story of women’s achievement, and women’s achievement stories haven’t been
told to the degree they should be in our culture," the director said. "And the fact that it
happened in Toledo when I was growing up there-all those things kind of conspired to bring me back

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