Festival of the arts (2-27-14)

Hallie Web (from left) Bob Walters, and Josh Redford, all sixth graders at BG Middle School,
hang CD’s and DVD’s they made. Bowling Green Middle School art students are preparing for the upcoming
Festival of the Arts. The festival will take place in the middle school cafeteria on March 10 from 6 to
7:30 p.m. Art work will be on display and there will be duct tape crafts that may be taken home. Teacher
will weave the community together with recycled CDs and scraps of yarn. Some of the weaving is already
started by Cindy Marso’s classes and the district’s fifth-graders and the community is invited to weave
a CD and add to it. Kim Sockman’s students have started their popular duct work “painting” and will have
a silent auction that night of the work. On the stage during the evening there will be drama and music
performances. There will also be some fun garnishing with fruits and veggies to enjoy. (Photos: J.D.
Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune) SEE MORE
Leonard Blackstone (middle) works on a CD/DVD art project at BG Middle School.
BG Middle School sixth grader Faith Zhang works on CD/DVD art
Taylor Gorris (left) and Teagan Morris work on duck tape art at BG
Middle School.

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