County library deserves levy support from voters


To the Editor:
I am writing today to ask everyone to cast their yes vote in support of Wood County District Public
Library. The library is seeking a renewal for their 0.8 mill levy that was originally approved in 2010.
Like most people I am frugal with my money, choosing to fully research and justify every spend. Having
done the same with the library’s renewal request, I cannot imagine a more relevant, wide-reaching and
deserving manner to spend this money. In a time when predictions have heralded an end to libraries’
usefulness, our library reports its usage and visits have increased! Many of the reasons our library has
remained a vibrant entity can be traced directly to the wonderful staff and caring board. They have made
the right decisions about what materials to purchase, educated themselves in today’s technology to keep
us on the cutting edge of electronic media storage & delivery and spent countless hours creating
and participating in community programs to inform, enlighten and to help foster meaningful relationships
with other users and residents! I can remember a time before the library had this money. The result was
drastically reduced hours of operation, deep staffing cuts and furloughs and many less services and
available materials! This request accounts for 42% of the library’s budget but is no more than we’re
paying today since it is a renewal. Please join me in continuing to support our wonderful library and
all of the services that it provides to the people of Wood County. Please Vote Yes for the Library!
Sandy Milligan
Bowling Green

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