Common Core does not belong in Ohio schools

To the Editor:
The Other Side of Common Core.
For years education has been changing in America to dumb students down so that acceptance of socialism,
communism, and one world Government will become a reality. School texts have slowly taught students that
patriotism to country, Capitalism, and American Exceptionalism are the culprits while filling students’
minds with the greatness and goodness of socialist, communist countries. Students learn little of
American’s greatness, but learn much about its faults, problems, and failures. They are not taught about
the failures of socialism/communism, though, which cannot support itself and has murdered millions of
The following passage comes from page 180 of the book, None Dare Call It Treason 25 Years Later, by John
A. Stormer 1989.
"Because of local control over the schools, alert parents, informed school board members, and the
patriotic school administrators and teachers in many areas have been able to unite to do an outstanding
job in their schools. "
His original book, None Dare Call It Treason was published in 1964. The following is the rest of the
passage found in the 25 Years Later version:
"For this reason, the ‘progressivist’ thinkers are actively advocating a massive program of federal
aid to education which would ultimately remove control of the schools from the local level and transfer
it to Washington. The appointment of one progressisvist thinker as head of the Office of Education would
insure that the amoral, socialistic theories of Dewey, Counts, and Rugg could be permeated into those
schoolhouses and textbooks which have thus far been immune."
Please do your own reading and research on Common Core, study your child’s homework papers and textbooks,
and call the Governor at 614-466-3555 and tell him no Common Core in Ohio.  Our children are more than
mere machines and deserve better.
Linda Bishop