Columbus residents allegedly stole money from Eastwood schools


Four Columbus residents have been indicted with forgery and theft from Eastwood schools and its board of
On Wednesday, a Wood County Grand Jury indicted Craig Sneed, 25, Terry Grady, 58, William Lee, 48, and
Madison Cardwell, all of Columbus, for both forgery and theft. Sneed and Grady are both charged with two
counts each of theft and two counts of forgery, while Lee and Cardwell were each indicted with one count
of both forgery and theft.
According to court documents, all of the defendants are alleged to have cashed forged checks made out to
themselves all drawn on Eastwood Local Schools Board of Education checks from the school’s bank account
in early October.
Both of Sneed’s checks were for $929 each; both of Grady’s checks were cashed for $889 each. The check to
Lee was for $789, while the check for Cardwell was cashed for $977.
Collectively the six checks cashed fraudulently are in excess of $5,402.
The court records do not indicate how they obtained the fraudulent checks.

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