Blotter: 7-6-19


Citations June 2:
OVI/refusal, lighted lights required, drug abuse/marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia: Connor
Long, 22
OVI/refusal, traffic control device: Crystal Ratliff, 28
Driving under suspension: Kimberly Kelley, 43; Fernando Dominguez, 24
Seat belt: Clifford Love, 20; Bailey Weiss, 23; Tavion Darden, 21
Expired registration: Michael Castle, 28
Accident occurred June 2:
Clinton Webb, Toledo, was eastbound on East Wooster Street behind Cecilia Kuss-Shivler, BG, and Aaliyah
Scott, BG, who were both stopped. Webb hit Kuss0Shivler, pushing it into Scott’s vehicle. Webb was cited
for assured clear distance ahead.
Citations June 3:
Expired registration: Katelyn Jacobi, 24
Speed: Damien Pelo, 21; Katlin Spencer, 32; Maria Ybanes, 69
Theft: Blake Merriam, 23
Kevin Kinnison, 28, BG, was arrested for disorderly conduct with persistence and was taken to jail.
Charges were typed for Corey Winnick, 43, for theft of services. He was served the paperwork at the
Accident occurred June 3:
Jill Edmonds, McComb, was eastbound on Sand Ridge Road then turned left onto South Wintergarden Road. Ann
Marie Strobel, BG, was southbound on Wintergarden, stopped at the sign, then entered the intersection
and hit Edmonds. Strobel was cited for failure to yield right of way.
Citations June 4:
Speed: Abigail Seaman, 23; Emily Mayo, 41; Logan Bargainnier, 24; Kelly Wittenmyer, 34
No eye protection: Devon Dunbar, 25
Unauthorized plates: Harley Conley, 25
No valid license: Christopher Honsberger, 28
Police responded to Kroger for a theft report and arrested Harley Roberts, no information, and Jason
Hickman, 42, BG, for felony theft. Both were taken to jail.
Accidents occurred June 4:
Christina Keisser-Russell, Toledo, was backing from a driveway in the 100 block of East Oak Street and
struck the parked vehicle owned by Megan Tewers, Northwood, which was parked on the street.
Keisser-Russell was cited for improper starting/backing a vehicle.
Addison VanSickle, BG, was eastbound on Sixth Street, turning right onto Elm Street, where Mary Walters,
BG, was legally parked. VanSickle turned too wide and struck Walters’ vehicle. VanSickle was cited for
failure to maintain reasonable control.
Citations June 5:
Seatbelt: Richard Evans, 65
Failure to register: George Roessler, 63
A male found bleeding in a parking lot in the 300 block of South College Drive was taken to the hospital
by BG EMS.
Accident occurred June 5:
Ryan Bloom, Toledo was parked on private property in the 1100 block of North Main Street when his vehicle
was struck.

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