Blotter: 11-30-19


Citations Oct. 5:
Underage/under the influence, prohibited acts (fake ID): Nicholas Niehoff, 19
Clayton Cole, 33, BG, was arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle and was taken to jail.
Expired registration: Jason Bishop, 24; Haylee Keel, 25
Speed: Nicholas Aubry, 20; Robert Walters, 17
Failure to register: Stacy Seifert, 34
Petty theft: Derek Jones, 22
Disorderly conduct/loud noise: Rachel Heckler, 20
Open container, underage possession of alcohol: Tyler Frendt, 19; Kyle Robinson, 19
Nuisance party: Katrina Staup, 21
Police responded to the high school for an alleged assault.
Citations Oct. 6:
Police responded to Walmart and arrested Nicole Simon, 32, North Baltimore, for burglary, theft and
wrongful entrustment; and cited Ashlynne DeLong, 32, for four counts of driving under suspension and
theft. Simon was taken to jail.
Eriberto Nurce, 19, Columbus, was arrested for disorderly conduct/public urination, underage/under the
influence and obstructing official business. He was taken to jail.
Keith Roberts, 34, was cited for PAC (BAC 0.095), failure to maintain reasonable control, disregard for
safety on a highway and open container in a motor vehicle.
Noah Dible, 20, Upper Sandusky, was arrested for open container of alcohol, underage possession of
alcohol, falsification and obstructing official business.
Joseph Metzler, 33, Toledo, was arrested in the 1500 block of Clough Street for domestic violence and
criminal damaging and was taken to jail.
Paul Zam III, 52, BG, was arrested in the 100 block of Buttonwood Avenue for criminal damaging and
criminal trespass. He was taken to jail.
Blake Spencer, 21, BG, was arrested for disorderly conduct with persistence and resisting arrest and was
taken to jail.
Jamie Sandoval, 31, BG, was arrested for criminal trespass and was taken to jail.
Disorderly conduct/public urination: Wyatt Moyler, 20; Nathan Ambos,18; Jace Copeland, 20
Open container: Keith Roberts, 34
Speed: Ethan Whitman, 19; Jacob Riley, 21; Renee Horton, 21; Shelby Walerius, 21
Expired registration: Max Lewton, 21
Theft/shoplifting: Genni Moreland, 45
Failure to register: Rachel Walsh, 38
Citations Oct. 7:
No seatbelt: Laura Santellana, 34
Police responded to the 100 block of Troup Avenue for a vehicle vandalism and to the 300 block of
Parkview Avenue for an unresponsive female.
Accidents occurred Oct. 7:
Mary Smith, BG, was parked facing west in the 200 block of Byall Avenue. Christian Chavez, BG, was
southbound on South Prospect Street, turning left onto Byall. Chavez was distracted when he dropped his
phone and was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control after striking Smith’s Toyota.
Marissa Landers, BG, was westbound on East Poe Road near North Enterprise Street, being followed by
Brystal Daniel, BG. Both were stopped in traffic. Robert Firsdon, BG, who was also westbound was cited
for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead after hitting Daniel, who was pushed into Landers.

Citations occurred Oct. 8:
Michael Sliker, 48, BG, was arrested in the 1000 block of Boone Court for domestic violence and was taken
to jail.
Open container, using a weapon while intoxicated: David Nagel, 47
Speed: Kunwarjit Janu, 21; Hunger Grimes, 18
No seatbelt: Mark McGiffin, 23
Expired registration: Katelyn Downing, 27
Driving under suspension: Kimber Ewing, 25; Antoine Moore, 31
Theft/shoplifting: James Pendleton, 46
Police responded to the 700 block and 800 block of Napoleon Road for the report of slashed tires.
Accidents occurred Oct. 8:
Elizabeth Avery, BG, was exiting 1094 N. Main St., turning southbound on North Main. Penelope Getz,
Haskins, was exiting 1099 N. Main St., also turning southbound. Getz was cited for failure to yield
right of way after striking Avery.
Jerry Greiner, BG, was stopped westbound at the intersection of West Newton Road and Haskins Road. James
Miller, Grand Rapids, was southbound on Haskins approaching the intersection. Greiner was cited for
failure to yield the right of way after pulling in front of Miller to turn left.
Citations Oct. 9:
Speed: Ernesto Delgado, 59; Katherine Robinson, 21
No seatbelt: Kaitlyn Maxon, 18
Driving under suspension: Omari Burel, 27; Kaylin Mathis, 23
Expired registration: Nathanael Edstrom, 21
Theft/shoplifting: Andrew Dean, 32
Display of plates/validation stickers: Abdulraheem Nimer, 28
Police responded to the middle school for a report of a juvenile sending inappropriate photos to other
Accidents occurred Oct. 9:
Daniel Martinez, BG, was northbound on Brim Road at Bishop Road when he failed to stop for the stop sign,
left the right side of the road and struck a stop sign at the northeast corner of the intersection. He
was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control.
Alec Porter, BG, was westbound on East Poe Road near North College Drive, behind Austin Ross, of Dover.
Ross pulled to the side of the road for an emergency vehicle and was rear-ended by Porter, who was cited
for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.
Citations Oct. 10:
Display of plates/validation stickers: Armani Horton, 22; Steven Ford, 33
Wrongful entrustment: Michaela Morris, 21
Driving under suspension: Charleigh Borner, 24; Steven Howard, 42
Speed: Shawn Evans, 31
Expired license: Michael Lukaszek, 54; John Vandyne, 34
Expired plates: Sydney Urig, 26
Prohibited acts: Joshua Jividen, 19
After being found passed out on a sidewalk in the 100 block of North Main Street, Collin Hempfling, 19,
Ottawa, was arrested for underage/under the influence and display of fictitious ID. He was taken to
Speed: Stephen Brink, 34
Accidents occurred Oct. 10:
Michael Lukaszek, Toledo, was southbound on North Main Street. Gloria Balusik, Rossford, was stopped
southbound at the red light in front of 1234 N. Main St. The light turned green and Lukaszek, driving a
Ford Transit truck, was pulling up behind Balusik and said he failed to see her stop and swerved to the
right onto the shoulder of the road. Lukaszek then struck the rear passenger side of Balusik’s Ford
Expedition before leaving the scene. Lukaszek was then followed by a witness and Balusik until police
arrived and he finally stopped. Lukaszek was cited for marked lanes and expired operator’s license.
Traffic westbound on East Wooster Street was backed up through the intersection at South College.
Kourtney Syrus, Mentor, was stopped for traffic. At that time the light was green. Kennedy Wyse,
Archbold, was behind Syrus and was followed by Sophia Klingbeil, Grand Rapids. Klingbeil hit Wyse,
pushing her vehicle into Syrus. Klingbeil was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance

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