Blame Trump for everything


To the Editor:
Like most Ohioans and Americans these days, I find my life pretty much lived each day, in a perpetual
state of anxiety. I wonder how many people will contract coronavirus? How many people in my neck of the
woods are going to die from it, and when it is going to be brought under control? When is life going to
return to normal like it once was for me for over 17 years since I moved here from New Jersey. In short,
when is enough going to be enough?
The answer I am afraid, is never. As long as President Donald Trump remains in a position of power, it
will continue to get worse.
A recent White House press briefing is a prime example of just why we are here, and why the American
taxpayer is once again footing the bill to bail out big business. The only difference is, is that this
time the American worker is the one receiving a good portion of the help, thanks to Chuck Schumer, Nancy
Pelosi and the Democrats, taking a stand for what was right. They aren’t such bad people after all.
As this crisis that we are facing as a state and a country continues to get worse each day, Trump’s
incompetence, heartlessness and ignorant stupidity becomes more apparent. As I have said before and I
will say again, it is way past time for him to step aside, and let a real leader take over. Does anyone
really believe that this man is going to get this nation safely through this crisis, and at the end
everyone is going to wind up better off and more united?
Enough is enough is an understatement in this case. We are awash in a sea of death and soon will be in an
economic depression. Trump isn’t the answer, he’s the problem.
Raymond J. Gomez
Grand Rapids

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