Bag the bag ban; let’s wipe out toilet paper

To the Editor:
I am in the process of trying to persuade city council to ban the sale and use of single use toilet paper
in Bowling Green. Approximately, 27,000 trees per day are turned into toilet paper and flushed down the
drain, this needs to stop and I’m asking for your help.
Let me back up and tell you how I got here. In 2016, I first visited Thailand, there I fell in love with
the food, the culture, the people, a woman and handheld Asian bidets, think kitchen sink sprayer. I
understood immediately why such an ancient culture would use these, they are effective, they are “green”
and there is nothing to buy after the one time purchase. I was hooked.
When I came home I was a handheld Asian bidet evangelical. Wherever I pooped I installed one, they’re $20
on Amazon and easy to install. On Facebook I had a “spray don’t smear” campaign, alas, I had no
converts. It wasn’t until the bag ban started its way through city council that it dawned on me that I
could use the force of government to get others to conform to my beliefs, I didn’t need to persuade
others, I could use the blunt force of law to get my way.
The fact that this technique of cleaning after defecating isn’t what we were raised with by no means
makes it wrong, if a little force is needed to persuade you and others, and in the process forests are
saved, I say it’s worth it.
Please, let’s stop pulverizing our forests and flushing them. Spray, don’t smear, and help me wipe out
toilet paper.
Brad Waltz
Bowling Green