Top food and nutrition 4-H project judging results announced


4-H members from around the county participated in 4-H Food and Nutrition Judging held on July 15, at the
Junior Fair building on the Wood County fairgrounds. Members were judged on their knowledge about
nutrition, food groups, food preparation, and the completion of their project books. They received
placings on their projects. Listed below are the results.
I Spy in the Kitchen
1. Ethan Lenox, Beaver Creek Boosters; 2. Ashley Brinkman, Beaver Creek Boosters; 3. Johni Weidner, Gold
Honorable mention (HM) goes to: Samantha Drzewiecki, Gold Medal; Summer Berry, Beaver Creek Boosters;
Emma Buchman, Blue Ribbon Rangers; Madison Bosworth, 4-Leaf Clover Kids
Food and Fitness for Fun
1. Jaryn Shumaker, Colorful Clovers; 2. Toran Schroyer, Lake Harvesters; 3. Sarah Carpenter, All Tacked
Sports Nutrition 1: On Your Mark?
1. Emma Ray, Saddles & Surreys
Snack Attack
1. Haden Schroyer, Lake Harvesters; 2. Selena Hernandez, Weston Ridge Runners; 3. Becky Shanks, Buds
& Beyond; HM: Haili Brooks, Weston Ridge Runners
Fast Break for Breakfast
1. Danielle Roby, Blue Ribbon Rangers; 2. Cassidy Hendricks, Colorful Clovers
Let’s Bake Quick Breads
1. Madison Finley, Blue Ribbon Rangers; 2. Lynette Bechstein, Golden Key; 3. Chloe Wilson, 4-H-I-O
Grill Master
1. Raegen Vickers, Gold Medal; 2. Trever Vaughn, Soaring Eagles; 3. Nathan Walter, Klover Kids
Star Spangled Foods
1. Lauren Drzewiecki, Gold Medal; 2. Destiny Galloway, Saddles & Surreys; 3. Emma Baxter,
Colorful Clovers
Party Planner
1. Hailey Asmus, Haskins Clover Crew; 2. Mackenzie Murray, Champion Drive 4-H; 3. Sheriden Schuerman,
Food and Fitness Choices for You
1. Jordan Davidson, Dowling Stitch, Stir & Stock; 2. Emily Greene, Lake Harvesters
Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals
1. Jordyn Lenox, Beaver Creek Boosters
Dashboard Dining
1. Lauren Nissen, Saddles & Surreys; 2. Megan Kerr, Colorful Clovers; 3. Nick Eninger, Country
Yeast Breads on the Rise
1. Heather Schaller, Duke’s Mixture; 2. Allison Dunne, Duke’s Mixture; 3. Bethany Horen, Green Meadows

You’re the Chef
1. Ashley Baden, Blue Ribbon Rangers; 2. Emily Swope, Klassy Kids; 3. Aubrey Peters, Livestock Unlimited

Global Gourmet
1. Keira Miller, Lucky Charms; 2. Brianna Snow, Haskins Clover Crew; 3. Holden Ruck, 4-H-I-O; HM:
Michaela Booth, Blue Ribbon Rangers
Science Fun with Dairy Foods
1. Wyatt Mowery, Klassy Kids; 2. Anna Divis, Beaver Creek Boosters
Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
1. Trever Vaughn, Soaring Eagles; 2. Madison Feehan, Champion Drive 4-H
Cake Decorating Junior
1. Emma Baxter, Colorful Clovers; 2. Claire Keifer, Saddles & Surreys; 3. Brendon Woodward,
Klassy Kids
Cake Decorating Senior
1. Emma Tuck, Duke’s Mixture; 2. Ben Wilhelm, Leaders of Tomorrow; 3. Nicole Abke, Country Paws; HM: Sara
Avery, Country Guys & Gals
Mmmm. . . Cookies!
1. Taylor DeSmith, Leaders of Tomorrow; 2. Faith Hardy, Portage Valley; 3. Ashley Greene, Lake
Harvesters; HM: Mariah Hahn, Portage Valley; Alyssa Hoodlebrink, 4-H-I-O;
Mason Crum, 4-Leaf Clover Kids; Hannah Smoyer, Haskins Clover Crew.

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