To the Editor: Voice your vote in the primary


As Chair of the Wood County Green Party, I have to comment on the current primary election and the state
of Democracy in Ohio. Most people don’t know that there is a primary happening now. (Early voting at the
BOE goes until May 3, and the primary is May 6.) Most Ohioans also don’t know the only way to join a
political party is to ask for that party’s ballot in this primary. But, everyone is unhappy with the
choices we are offered in November. These three facts are related.
One of the Greens’ Ten Key Principles is Grassroots Democracy. We believe a democratic government works
when everyone participates, puts forward their best ideas, and then the people pick. This doesn’t happen
when only a tiny minority of people know or care that there is an election. In that situation, an even
tinier group of people take control of the entire government. In my opinion, the reason the ordinary
parties don’t make a big deal about primaries is that it is much easier to control smaller numbers of
We Greens do not believe in doing things the "easy" way. Democracy is supposed to be messy and
out of control of the elites. When it works, passions run high and people debate. But, in the end we all
have to have enough faith in each other to agree that a majority of us will make the right decision.
That’s why I urge everyone to vote in this coming primary, and join the political party of your choice. I
understand that some people do not want to join the Green party (yet). But the current situation, where
most people are so disillusioned that they are not members of any party and so can’t choose leaders or
shape policies is undemocratic, and we need a strong Democracy.
If you do choose to ask for a Green Party ballot, please write in the names for our candidates for
Governor and Lt. Governor, Anita Rios and Bob Fitrakis. If we can get more than 500 write-in votes, they
will be on the ballot in November, and we can finally offer people an alternative to the two ordinary
Joseph DeMare
Bowling Green

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