To the Editor: Sheriff’s office provides ‘vacation checks’ for people away from home


As Wood County enters into what suspiciously looks like the dawning of the next ice age, I anticipate we
may see a mass exodus of our residents to warmer climates for at least a brief respite.
Given this likely scenario, I decided to take this opportunity to draw attention to one of our Wood
County Sheriff Departments services to rural residents. No, I don’t refer to their propensity to show up
unannounced at your party in the "no-tell motel!"
Instead, I would like to make my fellow citizens aware of the department’s "Vacation Checks"
services for those of us residing outside the jurisdictions of other local police agencies. My wife and
I availed ourselves of this service this past year. We were more than pleased by the numerous checks
provided by our Deputy Sheriffs at various hours of the day and night. It is with a high level of
satisfaction that I encourage other Wood County residents to visit the department’s website and take
advantage of this service.
David L. Housholder

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