To the Editor: People need to be aware of GMO foods


In response to the front page article, "Cooking up ways to feed the world" published April
12th, I can’t help but wonder who is paying Mr. Rick Fruth. I encourage everyone who is even remotely
concerned about what is in your food you buy, or your overall health from the foods you eat, to spend
time researching the potential dangers of GMO (genetically modified) foods. Clearly, if the Bible is
being mentioned, in his attempt to advertise GMO foods, than you must question Mr. Fruth. He never did
answer his question clearly, and in detail in regards to "Is that a bit scary?" or "A
little bit spooky?" referring to his mention of GMO crops. I doubt very much that these crops will
provide "healthier outputs." Do your research and get the truth behind the dangers of eating
any food made with genetically-modified ingredients.
Kristina Nelson

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