To the Editor: Eastwood teachers unfairly criticized


Silence in the face of undeserved criticism is often construed as agreement. Let it be known that the
comments attributed to Crystal Crosby, as found in a May 6 Sentinel story, have been found to be
unnecessary, unprovoked, and offensive by the Eastwood teachers.
To set the record straight, a group of Eastwood teachers made a presentation to the Eastwood Board of
Education on April 21 outlining what new learning environments could mean for our students and our
community. Twice before the Board meeting began, the teachers found all the borrowed equipment working
properly. However, once it became time for the teachers to present, the Powerpoint wouldn’t start
because the computer, due to a safety feature, simply timed out. In less than a minute, the computer’s
owner (the only person who could do so) inputted his password and everything was up and running fine.

At a May 5 meeting of the Committee to Save Our Elementaries, Sentinel reporter Marie Thomas Baird wrote
the following as part of her account of the meeting, "Crosby also poked fun at the elementary
teachers who struggled to get a Powerpoint presentation working at the April board meeting. ‘If you
can’t utilize what you’re asking for, why do you want it?" she asked and got chuckles from the
crowd." The "crowd" was about 15 people.
Since Crosby’s comments were public and are considered insulting to the Eastwood teachers, it was
privately requested on May 8 that she provide a public apology. It’s disappointing that a public apology
has not been forthcoming. Simply, we can and do utilize what’s provided for us very efficiently in the
service of our students, our number one priority.
As we continue to advocate for the best possible learning opportunities and learning environments for our
students, may the words of John Dewey, a renowned American educational reformer and psychologist, guide
us. Dewey said, "If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of
The Eastwood teachers take great pride in being at the forefront and the cutting edge in many educational
areas. We will continue to keep our students in mind as we teach them, as Dewey suggests, for tomorrow.

Mike Godfrey
Eastwood citizen & teacher

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